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Low Dome Damascus Ring with 18K liner
Item No. RC920B

Flat Top Damascus Ring with 18K liner
Item No. RC920

Flared Captive Band
Item No. RC933

Gold & Turquoise Bracelet
Item No. BR901

"Pick-up Sticks" Pendant
Item No. _GG903

Geodesic Ellipse
Item No. _GG904

Geodesic Square with Pearls
Item No. _GG906

Trapezoid Drusy Quartz Earrings
Item No. _DE900

Drop Triangle Drusy Quartz Earrings
Item No. _DE901

Geodesic Sphere Earrings
Item No. _GE901

Geodesic Earrings with Black Pearls
Item No. _GE902

Moonstone Diamond Necklace
Item No. _NS900

Diamond Moonstone Earrings
Item No. _ES900

Gold Shield Pearl Earrings
Item No. _EP900

Half Moon Drusy Quartz Pendant
Item No. _DP900

Pick-up Sticks Bracelet
Item No. BRS901A

Pick-up Sticks
Item No. ER877

Item No. EC904

Rainbow Blue Moonstones
Item No. BR903

Item No. BR904

Rainbow Blue Moonstone Necklace
Item No. NK622

Pick-up Sticks Pendant
Item No. PS2287

Champagne Flute
Item No. HLW1220

Guilloche Boxes
Item No. HL0902

Grapevine Goblet
Item No. HLW1091