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G. Phil Poirier

G. Phil Poirier is a master gem cutter and goldsmith residing near Taos, NM. Having discovered the art of metalsmithing in a high school art class, Poirier has studied metalsmithing for over 35 years. He has also worked with many other masters in the fields of goldsmithing and lapidary. His jewelry is classic and unique, functional and durable, intricate and stunning. Phil has acquired a unique combination of techniques, designs, and skills which include: Engraving, Repousse, Raising and sinking, Lapidary, Granulation, and Toolmaking.

Poirier prefers to alloy and mill his own metal, allowing him more freedom of color and gauge. He cuts his own gemstones enabling creative design and form. Ancient methods and designs such as those used by the Etruscans, the Egyptians and the Greeks are a frequent source of inspiration for his work, as are the natural forms of feathers, leaves and waves. He makes a great deal of his own tools which enlarges his palette and allows him to create his vision. Poirier is known for combining Old World excellence with new and innovative design.

In May of 1987 he was commissioned to cut the largest cabochon of gem lapis-lazuli known today, and in 1992 was commissioned to create a memorial goblet for the Spertus Museum of Chicago, in honor of the 11 athletes that died at the Munich Olympic games in 1972. Phil has created custom jewelry pieces for the Millicent Rogers Museum of Taos inspired by the Millicent Rogers southwest collection. In 1998 he participated in the Yaw Galleries' Functional Vase Project with SOFA (Sculptural Objects Functional Art) NY. He was one of five artists invited to The University of New Mexico Harwood Museum exhibit "Objects, Five Master Craftsmen".
Recently his work has appeared in several books including "100 Rings", "The Craft of Silversmithing", and 500 Wedding Rings".

Each year Phil teaches techniques and tooling that he has invented at venues around the world including the University of Central England's Jewellery Design School.

Phil believes time to be his most valuable element in creating his jewelry. Nothing about a Poirier piece is rushed or massed produced as he is committed to quality and strives to push the limits.

All Designs Copyright Poirier 1983-2015